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Where was God in the Philippines?

CNN Belief Blog

By Daniel Burke, CNN Belief Blog Co-editor

(CNN) — The disasters are always different and often devastating. But the questions they raise are hauntingly familiar.

In the days since Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines on Thursday, survivors are frantically searching for lost family members and international aid groups are springing into action.

Officials say the death toll may rise to 10,000 in the heavily Catholic country. Meanwhile, many people are asking: How should we make sense of such senseless death and destruction? Was God in the whirlwind itself, as the Bible hints, or present only in the aftermath, as people mobilize to provide food, water and shelter?

These questions may not be new, but we keep asking them, perhaps because the answers remain so elusive.

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Posted by: jonasacorda | November 13, 2013

after the storm

Yolanda left many lives broken. My friends are displaced. I haven’t seen them for 3 years and now I’m hearing some of them are missing. This is unbearable. Daniel Loteyro confirmed he is alive and wasn’t in Tacloban at the time. I hope Kent Nemenzo and his folks are all alive and well. I pray to the Lord of all that they are all safe. Yes they are probably homeless, i just hope they are alive and well.

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some cool photos


streets of iloilo

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buwan at araw

Hindi lilipas ang araw na maaalala ko ang lahat ng

sinabi mo sa akin. lagi ako maniniwala na ako ay pinili mo

sa pagtingin ko sa iyong mga mata, ako ay hinihila ng isang

agos na hindi ko pipigiling dumating sa akin.


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between a stone and a hard place


It has been weeks and probably it’s already bled to months since i last updated my blog, so hello. i’m not sure if people actually get to read it but i’m sure someone does, she is my audience, and i know she’ll care about my life if no one does.


here i go with my reason for the title..stress?oh sure, it has been part of my life ever since i started working for this company. stress financially, emotionally, everything about me in this job is filled with stress. But that’s fine, i’d get the chance to work for a companu that will allow me to do what i love to do.


I won’t miss stress for sure..I’d be happy to forget how it feels..


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nice game

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hold my heart

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i deal with anger differently. i don’t sugarcoat, i don’t beat around the bush. when i feel something’s not right, i speak up. i say it as i see it. and right now I AM ANGRY.

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patience = love

Everyone’s falling in love, settling down and building on their respective relationships. If you belong to that group of people, this blog is not written for you. this is written for those who feel discouraged because they’ve not been asked on a first date, they’re not in a relationship yet, or anything that will cause someone to become impatient when it comes to finding or staying in a relationship.

Patience is a virtue as they say. I wanna define patience by saying this: patience is the willingness to put off one’s self so that the other person will flourish. it is also understanding why there’s no need rush things because everything has its own time.

I have to be honest, there are times that it seems my patience is not at its best form. i know why though, i think i look towards the future more often and forget to enjoy the present. i forget that to get to the future, i must go through the present and make the best out of it.

if you really love someone, make patience your virtue..

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it’s gonna be alright

when things seems to turn dark, we just gotta press on because at the end of each tunnel is a light. it gets brighter and brighter as you get closer to the end of that long and lonely tunnel. i am not able to write anything lately, im not sure why.

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